anyone still there??

i've had an eventful week since i've been back in the USA! it's been crazy busy, but very good at the same time. i wish i could detail everything i've done, but it's all easily wrapped up by just saying that i've spent my time doing the things that were most important - seeing my family and friends, eating GREAT food that i dearly missed, getting a job and finding a place to live, and just enjoying being in America.

so, if you're still reading this blog and you'd like to follow along on my new journey to Northern Wisconsin, i've started a new place over at http://www.loveinthecountry.blogspot.com/. i'm making The Big Move to Brad's hometown, so it'll be all about my adventures in adjusting to small town life. i'm super excited to live there, so hopefully i'll have lots of things to write about!

to those of you that read this blog this past year while i was in Sweden, thanks for keeping up with me. i hope you'll stay up with Love in the Country!