is this legal?

went to pay my credit card this morning and saw a charge for $7.06. any guesses to what it was for? there's a lot of things you can get for 7 dollars...a Chipotle burrito, 2 small lattes from Caribou (two of the first purchases i will make this Friday).

but nope. i paid $7.06 for a BOTTLE OF COKE IN FRANCE. the price was around 5 Euros, which was astronomical, but i didn't so much care at that point cause i was about on the floor out of breath. but still - SEVEN dollars. for a bottle of Coke. ridiculous.

home in two days!


sweet ♥ pink said...

that really sucks! good luck on your trip home...

Swiss Miss said...

Yeah, I'm just getting over Paris price shock myself. I paid 6 Euros each (about $9 for one little glass of orange juice...not to mention the price of the food...)